Great Fun And The Talk Of The Party!, April 17, 2015


By Bookwyrm


This review is from: Black Kitchen & BBQ Apron for Men and Women from Fighter Pilot in the Kitchen (Kitchen)

This is an awesome apron!

It is well sewn with nicely done seams. Sometimes garments like this purchased off the net are less than amazing to those of us who sew. This wasn't the case. The strings are very neatly attached and the whole thing is incredibly sturdy.

I love the logo on the front and thought this would make an incredible gift for my husband who loves to cook. He took one look at it and snatched it out of my hands and modeled it. I laughed and gave him the thumbs up. It's going to be the talk of parties when we have people over for grilling and cocktails. He already used it grilling steaks and thought it was really fun. Now it hangs proudly on a hook next to my Martha Stewart Living apron.

I'm definitely going to investigate more products produced from this company. I'm very impressed with this one. I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and fair review. I've given that. But I've also pointed multiple friends to this apron, especially those ones whose husbands cook and enjoy spending time in the kitchen.

Happy Son in the Kitchen!!!


By Sparjennon    February 19, 2015


This review is from: Kitchen Apron for Men and Women From Fighter Pilot in the Kitchen, Novelty Apron Also Great for the Grill 

This is an awesome apron. I was so glad to work with this company to give my honest opinion on it. I got it for my husband, he was in the air-force and I thought it would be great for him to wear in the kitchen when he makes his special chili.


Protection for his clothes and make him feel good while he is working in the kitchen, because he would have this cool fighter pilot apron on. Well things didn`t work out the way I had planned.


My 16 yr. old son grabbed it and put it on as soon as he saw it. He thought it was really cool and reminded him of starwars which he loves. He said this would be perfect for him to wear when he gets creative in the kitchen making his special bbq-teryiaki sauces.

So all in all it worked out and made someone happy!!!! It just wasn`t the one I was thinking it would be.

So Fun, So Yummy, So Cute!,    March 12, 2015


By Laynie


This review is from: 4 Silicone Mold Popsicle Maker with Elegant Stand Popze IcePopIt Dessert System


This popsicle maker is so much fun, I doubt it will get put away very often. It will more likely get washed, filled, and returned to the freezer pretty quickly... as has been the case so far. When the package arrived, I wasn't sure what I was in for, but my five-year-old daughter was immediately enamored of the bright colors, deciding which family members would get which ones, and bugging me to make some "popzes" right away (I think she just liked saying "popze"). The first mixture I tried was one of the recipes included with the product (involving strawberries), and it was a hit with both my daughter and my husband. The recipes are good suggestions for getting started, but anything that can be eaten frozen is fair game to be turned into a popze now: Blended smoothies, ice cream with added yummies, or just fruit juices. Also, the stand is the perfect size and fits in my tiny freezer, no problem.

A couple of handy hints: If you find your frozen treat is stuck, run a little warm water over the bottom of the pop, and it will slide easily. Also, if the pop is too big a serving for a little person, or she gets distracted before it's all gone, the caps are perfect for covering and sticking it back in the freezer for later. With hot weather headed this way (Deep South USA!), I'm glad I got the chance to try the product at a discount in exchange for an unbiased review. I'll save a fortune on popsicles this summer, and not have any dripping stickiness that inevitably comes with popsicle sticks and things that melt.

One more suggestion. If there are more than 4 people in your household, consider the 6-pop product. Otherwise, it might be war.

Great way to make healthy treats for the kids!,    April 14, 2015


By K Stout (top 500 Amazon reviewer)


This review is from: Popze IcePopIt Silicone Frozen Dessert Treats Popsicle Molds Set of 6


The Popze IcePopIt are a great way to make healthy treats for your children and save money. Instead of having to buy expensive popsicles or frozen treats repeatedly, you can inexpensively make them yourself and feel good about what you are putting in them.

The IcePopIt set comes with 6 silicone molds for making frozen treats. The design of these is not like your regular popsicle shape. They are rounded at the top and then taper off at the bottom. You can fill these with anything you like. You can use flavored water, smoothies, yogurt, juice, and the list goes on. When I filled mine, I left a little room at the opening for the liquid to expand. Then I put the lid on and made sure it was sealed good. The first time I used them I turned them upside down to see if they leaked and they did not. I have tried them in my freezer a couple of different ways. The first time I laid them on their side and hoped they would not leak. They did not leak at all. The next time I used them I stood them up on between the wires of the freezer shelf. Either ways worked great.

Once they are frozen, you eat them a lot like a push up by pushing them up from the bottom. We have trouble getting them started. Most of them end up breaking. This is not a huge deal because it tastes the same but I assumed they would come up as one piece. We have to wiggle the bottom quite a bit to get it to come up at all. This was the reason I gave them 4 stars. We have tried it all different ways and still get the same results. I still think these are a good product and my kids are going to love having popsicles all summer. I can't wait to try out new smoothie flavors in them.

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