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Just in time for the busy and fun BBQ/Grilling Party season!!


This just released item is perfect for spicing up your kitchen, grill or bbq event.  Show your colors with this exclusively designed USA Flag apron with party favors!

Glators - the ultimate in heat protection for the kitchen and grill!!

Fighter Pilot in the Kitchen


“One day you will walk out to the airplane knowing it will be your last flight, or you will walk out and not know it is your last flight.”! 


Amazon review: "No matter how many cookbooks you own, this is a wonderful addition to your library. Phil Brewer has made it easy for those of us who are passionate about cooking, but with limited skills. The stories along the way are fabulous! I highly recommend this book to anybody who wants to eat well, or to entertain, even if they do not have much time to do the prep work. With this guide, it is easy and the results are delicious!"

Pop Frozen Treats

The best way to make a frozen healthy desert.  A must have for every man's kitchen!


Icepopit Popze molds should sit upright rather than horizontal in freezer. This simple and ingenious stand with included silicone ice pop's, complement every great kitchen. You will never get the customary problem of a mess on your counter when filling a pop maker nor have leaking in your freezer.


Many simple recipes included in every purchase.

Secrets of Doing Business Like a Fighter Pilot

“What an inspiring book!  I like the pace and all the allusions to flying. Like the way you lifted off with.... ‘breaking free of the bonds of gravity we begin our climb ....  You've got many more memorable quotes: ‘The Rules are a good place to hide if you don't have a better idea and the talent to execute it.’ Or - ‘One of the beautiful things about a single pilot aircraft is the quality of the social experience.’


“The advice is right on-- recognizing achievements regardless of their size and not letting a little put-down throw one off course; don't allow the weeds of failure thoughts, etc... The crab in the bucket analogy is absolutely true.”  William Cates author The Unlimited Salad Bar of  and other entertaining books.


This delightful little book is chock full of incredible recipes and ideas for making frozen dessert treats.  Although it is a companion book for the Popze IcePopIt, it is definitely stand alone book for all the best kitchens.