From the book:  Fighter Pilot in the Kitchen - A Cookbook for Every Man


"Welcome to the man’s kitchen guide. I know that some of the readers might well be women, but you have snuck in. You really won’t like all the approaches, or maybe you will? But, be warned.!"


"Most of all, let’s have some fun. Fun creating in a spirit of men, feeding themselves, and maybe a few women friends along the way.!"


"American men. - they are often seen as only cooking the occasional omelet or doing the barbecue, but not ‘proper’ cooking!"


"I believe that is unfortunate and hope to change that perception. I really want the men in our culture to see how easy and fun it is to be in the kitchen."


This site will provide you the chance to pick up some great kitchen products to complement not only the recipes in the book, but your creative spirit.


Every purchase from this store (or our products on Amazon) will entitle you to sample Popze recipes from the wonderful book,

"Fighter Pilot in the Kitchen -

a popzebook for everyman.".  

"Fighter Pilot in the Kitchen Products began as business outgrowth of the very popular book by the same name.  It is a small, privately owned family company consisting of myself, Phil, the author, and my incredibly wonderful and supportive wife, Moni.  We continue to strive to create excellent products as well as excellent service.  We love our business because we love our loyal and supportive customers!!"

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